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Counsel, Guide, Discover, Help,Innovate with
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Our Mission

“Our mission at Logyify India is to Empower individuals through expert career guidance and support, helping them discover their potential, overcome obstacles, and achieve long-term success and fulfilment.”

Where it all Begin!

  • 2018

Logyify India was founded with a vision to empower individuals in making informed career decisions as a proprietorship firm.


Building Foundations

  • 2018-2020

Focused on building operational and business models during the initial years.

Reaching New Horizons

  • 2021

Conducted numerous events and competitions in collaboration with hundreds of institutes across the country, reaching an audience of around 5 lakhs.


Understanding the Landscape

  • 2022

Conducted surveys and market research to gain insights into the target market and customer preferences.

Empowering the Future

  • 2023

- Launched new plans and programs, reflecting the culmination of research, market analysis, and brand-building efforts.
- Introduced innovative solutions in career counseling and guidance to address customer needs effectively.


Our Journey Continues...

Our commitment to empowering individuals remains steadfast. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future, one career at a time.

Our Values

Be Simple

Embracing simplicity as a guiding principle, we navigate complexities with clarity and efficiency.

Do the Right Thing

Integrity is at our core, we prioritize ethical practices and doing what's best for all.

Customer First

Putting our customers' needs above all else, we strive to provide exceptional support and service.

Fasttrack Growth

Nurturing growth at an accelerated pace, we empower individuals to reach their full potential.

Limitless Success and Fulfillment

Leading individuals towards boundless achievement and profound satisfaction.

Meet Our


Krishna Agarwal
Krishna Agarwal Founder and CEO
Arushi Agarwal
Arushi Agarwal COO and Director of HR
Saurabh Mangla
Saurabh Mangla Director of Partnerships
Harsh Mittal
Harsh Mittal Chief of R & D
Tanisha Agarwal
Tanisha Agarwal Creative Director

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